Surge Protective Device Type 2 1000VDC 40kA

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UCPV(VDC) : 1000V

Max system discharge current (8/20μs)Imax : 40KA

Voltage Protection level(up) : ≤4.0KV

Voltage Protection level at 5kA(up) : ≤3.6KV

Integrated Fuse breaking capacity/interrupting rating : 40KA/1000vdc

Technology : Short-Circuit interruption (SCI)overcurrent protection

Operating temperature range(TU): -40℃ to +80℃

Nominal discharge current (8/20 μs){(DC+/DC-)>PE}(In): 20KA

Response time (A) : <25ns

Operating State/Fault indication : Green (good)/RED(repiace)

Mounting : 35mm DIN rall per EN 60715

Degree of Protection : IP20

Capacity : 3 Modules,DIN 43880

Product Warranty : Five Years

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