Technician Tales: Armandt installs an Alpha ESS

We asked Armandt Muller, one of Dorman Projects’ leading installers, what his experience was working with the Alpha ESS.
Armandt had the following to say about this unique machine:
“What makes this system so great is that it is one of the cleanest and neatest hybrid inverter installations out on the market.
The Alpha ESS is a system you can show off to your friends as it has an all-in-one look that does not take up a lot of space at all! With its smooth and sleek exterior, you will forget that this is an inverter with batteries standing in your garage.
It’s such an easy installation! All components are included, from wall plugs to RJ485 boots, jacks, and even cable ties. This makes life easier and saves time when on-site. The average residential AC work takes around two days, but with the Alpha ESS we could complete our work within one.
After all the construction work – it’s plug and play. The manual given by Alpha ESS is such a helpful guide – you can’t go wrong – each step is explained in detail. If you have never installed these units, just read the manual.
Each component is nicely labeled by name. Compression glands are marked for specific use and all terminations marked – back up, and grid – even each RJ485 marked for their use – a technician’s dream.”
Armandt to summarized his experience with the Alpha ESS into 3 short points for future customers and installers:
  • Clean and “all in one” look
  • Easy to install
  • Very effective for residential use
We absolutely love the Alpha ESS, and have installed over 50 units in South Africa. We can safely say they are our least “call-back” units as we find our customers are extremely satisfied with them. Very well priced and an all-in-one solution.
What is your opinion on the Alpha ESS? Let us know in the comments below! 
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