5 steps to take before going solar

Getting rid of the Vampires in your home.

This month we ran a poll on what our community looks for in a renewable energy system. The majority voted to reduce their electricity bill. As experts in the field, we repeatedly suggest that customers reduce their energy bills before going solar.   

We have identified 5 significant steps consumers can take to reduce their energy usage drastically:   

1 Home Automation


Making use of smart home automation systems like QwikSwitch can set your home up to be self-regulated. Home automation means that you will have the control to switch off “Vampire appliances” that are mindlessly sucking energy; these culprits are usually electronics.  

2 Timers and Surge Protection


Smart homeowners would install small electrical timers on geysers, pool pumps, and irrigation systems to reduce wasted energy. Surge protection is precisely what it sounds like; it’s a safeguard against any surges from the electrical grid that could damage your appliances. By installing these beforehand, you could save yourself a lot of trouble in the long haul.   

3 Solar Geysers


Your geyser might be a considerable expense on your energy bill, and Solar Geysers allow you to use Solar Energy at a cost-effective price point. You could optimize your geyser by pairing this with the geyser timer and temperature controller. Satchwell has an excellent range of geyser controllers to look at.   

4 Switching to LED   


You might not realize how much energy your old halogen and incandescent bulbs use. LEDs use approximately 75% less energy than traditional lighting, and with all the innovative designs and colours LEDs have to offer, why would you still use those dingy old lights?  


5 Gas Appliances


We’ve experienced that electrical stovetops are the largest electricity-leeches in your home. Not only is gas a cheaper alternative to electricity, but it will also be able to function during load-shedding. No need to stare longingly at your mug, dreaming about a cup of coffee you can’t have.   

We see that most customers are taking the giant leap at solar to reduce their electrical bill but have not taken the smaller steps above to do so.

When customers decide to make these changes, they can reduce their electrical bill by 25 to 35%. Once these customers go solar, they are better off than those who haven’t reduced their electrical bill beforehand.  

Reducing your energy usage will also benefit you when you do decide to go solar. Having a lower usage allows you to look at smaller inverters, fewer panels, and smaller battery sets, equalling less money. 

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