Dorman Projects

Since 2000 we have become a leading installer of rooftop PV countrywide.   We offer roof-top, ground-mount and car-port solutions as well as full turnkey installations to the PV market and our partners. We have installations all across South Africa as well as in Swaziland and Tanzania. 

We are approved installers for Solar-Edge, Tesla, Goodwe, Alpha ESS and Victron, to name a few. We are also proud to be the preferred installer of many leading EPCs across Southern Africa.

We Have One Goal

To Deliver The Highest Quality Service While Keeping An Excellent Relationship With Our Customers.

Our Discovery

Real People, Real Passion. Dorman Projects was established back in 2000. When we opend our doors we offered constuctions to customers building homes and large scale buildings. In 2002 Dorman Projects started its electrical and plumbing divisions this ran great success. In 2004 we had moved from the residential market to schools, hospitals, and shopping malls doing major electrical tenders – we still do them to date. Over the next decade, we perfected our art in electrical engineering taking on over 10 qualified electricians, 2 engineers, and 1 master electrician. In 2014 we moved into the solar industry with the goal to become the largest installer of Solar in the Western Cape.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple, to deliver high-quality solar and electrical plants to the residential and commercial sector while keeping our own family values. Giving back to our community is one of our core focuses on creating jobs nationwide while reducing costs for the average hard-working home/business owner.

A message from the founder

We are real people with a real message. We are and have been a family company for the last 21 years and bring these values to our customers on every single project. Coming from a construction background Dorman Projects is able to do more than your average solar installer/EPC. We have one simple message and that is “we love what we do”.

Errol William Dorman